MKE Week 24- Wilma Rudolph


I discovered this very day about the amazing life of Wilma Rudolph. Have a look at what she overcame and then accomplished in her 54 years on God’s green earth.

Her single mindedness is an inspiration for me. She has inspired me to lean into being the observer of my world, to focus on what I am grateful for in life; to ensure that I provide for more life to all and less life to none. I fully intend to use my thinking mind and the love in my heart to strive relentlessly toward my highest good, with a coherent and definite mental vision of what I desire, coupled with full faith to enjoy my vision now as if  it is already attained. I shall forever remain thankful to the Formless Substance for gifting me with the deepest desires of my heart. I shall continually act with clear purpose to create and achieve my desires. I shall make the time to meditate in silence so that I may hear the whispers and direction of the Universe. For I know that the universe creates in ways that are far better then that which I could have imagined possible. I shall remain constantly open and child like to the unfolding miracles and serendipity and coincidences that occur in my new found life. All this is what I have learned from this amazing course of the Master Key Experience and the super human approach of someone like Wilma epitomizes the essence of this approach to life at its highest level.

Thank you, Wilma.

Thank you, Mark J.

Thank you, Davene.



MKE Week 23 – Finish Strong

Finish Strong

Finish strong.

One part gentle, another part powerful

and in some parts scary.

Finish strong.

A command to my Higher Self,

Find the inner strength that will

Reveal who I truly am.

Finish strong.

-Julie Bautista


The next few weeks to come will be proof of the pudding for me. First off, I am struggling with the old cemented way of thinking and the opposite idea of stepping fully into creating my present moments. Right now my focus is to get myself accross the finish line of this six month journey with the Master Key Experience. I’d call it an inner marathon of monumental proportions. My tiny self is procrastinating to avoid actually crossing this finish line. Then my higher self steps in and pulls me up by the boot straps. Then my tiny self reminds me the  I can  merely remain in this limbo land forever; not quite cemented and not quite gone Hulk like and bust out completely of my cement Buddha. Tiny self now has control and more odd thoughts tumble out. Perhaps I am afraid of starting all over again, in this new way of being. Who will I know that thinks this same way? Do I have the proper tools? Can I do this without support? No of course not! BUT can I truly find a good support team? Perhaps it is better just to stop right where I am. Or better yet retreat into the comfortable familiarity of being cemented in and close hearted. That way I don’t have to shine.

This is where the rubber meets the road and my Higher self regains her strength. Who on earth am I trying to kid here? In just a few weeks there will be an end to this MKE marathon.  I am excited to cross the threshold of a structured way of inner knowing. It is now my responsibility to continue to unravel the path to unlimitlessness. Right now I am strapping on my courage and stepping into the Harmony of the Universe.

My first mission I’ve given myself is to review Wallace Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich. Chapter three spoke to me directly, it addressed perfectly what I have been observing over the past few weeks.

Mr Wattles awakened me with this one sentence;

“Everything you see on earth is made from one original substance, out of which all things proceed.”

Coupled with the informative webcast Mark J gifted us with which assured each of us that everything comes from Love.

My conclusion is the one original substance is pure LOVE.

 I love it.

Finish Strong.

MKE Week 14 – Hidden Blessings


“God left the world unfinished;

the pictures unpainted, the songs unsung,

and the problems unsolved, that people

might know the joys of creation.” – Thomas S. Monson

I’d like to send in a quick word regarding our scope as humans, our amazing gifts from above and the endless possibilities we have within our short walk of this lifetime. As each of us deeply and truly grasps and imbibes that we all have an extremely special gift to bring to the world. Furthermore, that we posses the vulnerability and courage to actualize our gifts for the upliftment of humanity and indeed fulfill each of our spirit’s purpose on this physical plane. Please Fellow Travellers and Warriors of the Spirit, let us all join hearts to welcome Heaven on Earth. As each one of us accepts this new place as true, the entire planet is hastened to each person’s awakening, until the entire planet is illuminated and thriving with creativity, harmony and happiness.  Now that’s something to get out of bed for!

MKE Week 14 – #LifeIsWild


“What if I forgave myself? I thought. What if I forgave myself even though I’d done something I shouldn’t have? What if I was a liar and a cheat and there was no excuse for what I’d done other than because it was what I wanted and needed to do? What if I was sorry, but if I could go back in time I wouldn’t do anything differently than I had done? What if I’d actually wanted to screw every one of those men? What if heroin taught me something? What if yes was the right answer instead of no? What if what made me do all those things everyone thought I shouldn’t have done was what also had got me here? What if I was never redeemed? What if I already was?”
― Cheryl Strayed, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

This quote at the end of the movie îs so profound! What if I could forgive myself? What if I could accept myself completely, warts and all and relive my life again with no alterations; apart from my point of view? That point of view being that everything I did and chose to do WAS completely acceptable as the road to get me right where I am at this moment! Then there is no need for redemption… because I am already perfect, whole and complete.

Cheryl certainly had tenacity to stick to the trail even though her feet got shredded She even walked 50 miles in sandals that were duck taped to her feet on those shredded feet! I was very glad REI had a properly fitting pair of boots for her at the end of her 50 miles. I must say, I often saw myself in her moment so of questioning, in her moments of fear and in her deep inner strength.

I would say her two pivitol needs would be Spiritual Growth and True Health. I appreciate that Cheryl fully wished to walk herself back to the woman her mother brought up and that means fully true health. Her discovery that one is already redeemed. WOW!  The insight that one simply has to accept and realize the truth of it. Then one gets to own it!

Its such a fantastic film I shall watch it again. It had me laughing, crying and standing in my feet in total elation!


MKE Week 12 – Slaying the Jabberwocky


Here we are, well into the thick part of the forest in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. I am at once loving this journey and also finiding it to be the most fantastimagorical challenge of my life! First off, I am meeting face to face with a ton of my inner Jabberwockies. My tiny self has jausted with them in a feeble manor, to dubious results. Let’s just suffice it to say, it’s not been much fun! Second, I have reached out to a few MKE course mates and have had zero success in the seek and find of a master mind alliance connection. I must admit, reaching out to ask for help is a big no-no, as far as my tiny self is concerned. Right there at the beginning, tiny me throws up Gargantuan resistance.

Listening to Week 12’s class recording afforded me an enormous AHA moment. Thanks to our dear friend ‘Harry’. He allowed me to wake up and smell the espresso! The Law of Subsitution! RIGHT! NOW I TOTALLY GET IT!  I’ve been getting tangled in my old web of auto-suggestions! Getting the same negative results, because why? Because I haven’t applied the Law of Subsitution to my daily actions! Duh! Insanity is repeating the same actions and hoping for, even expecting different results. (Head to forehead, SMACK!)  My Future Self Speaks: “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! What good news you’ve finally heard it!”

With a tinkling of fairy dust …the graceful Law of Subsitution makes her grand entrance. This is my focus for the next few weeks. To welcome the presence of my witness self, to be ever watchful and to engage a positive substitute for my old ways. I now choose to focus on my new improved DMP life and living! Thank you future self. I’m on my way! YIPPEE!

The stand in front of the mirror and to say my one liner DMP repeatedly for 15 minutes. Phew! What a powerful exercise! I only managed it once this week as it brought me to my knees when I acknowledge the immensity of my ability and my deep inner power. I say quietly to myself, “What if I truly had the courage to step into that powerful being I know that I am? What would the world look like then? What possibilities would then be possible?” I bow my head in a silent prayer, “Dear God, please give me the strength and the courage to be able and willing to be that future me right now.” I tremble because I feel the earth rumble ever so slightly; or is that my heart, my soul expanding? Sort of like the x-ray scene from the Grinch. (tap the blue Grinch to see the pic)

The Jabberwocky is a perfect analogy of how to conquer the Mental Diet. The nonsense verses are rather like me attempting to make sense, at the beginning, of all these MKE concepts; even though I had believed, I thought I knew, exactly what was going on. ‘Beware the Jabberwocky!’ Wonderful warning about the sly tactics of the tiny self. ‘And as in uffish thought he stood’ Often when I sit, I feel that my thoughts become uffish, as it were. And of course, the main liner of the entire poem … ‘He left it dead, and with its head he went guluphing back.’ That is what one must do to end the negative head talk we have all accepted as the normal way to be in this life. Interesting that the poem is written for a male to have slain the Jabberwockey, when in actual fact, it is Alice who slays the Jabberwocky. I am that Alice. Bring on my Jabberwock. I’m ready to do me some slaying!

‘And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? …

Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

He chortled in his joy.’



MKE Week 11 – Connecting the Dots

“I consider each day’s effort as but one blow of my blade against a mighty oak… each blow, of itself, may be trifling, and seem of no consequence. Yet from childish swipes the oak will eventually tumble. So it is with my efforts today. ” – Og Mandingo


“Please mum can you find another curtain for my room?” That was the request from my daughter. It’s been one of those missions on my TO DO list for, hmmm, let’s say more then a year? One fine day, I was out on a shopping mission and I discovered a cache of lovely curtain panels. I couldn’t decide which ones to get. So, I brought home all four different curtains … some in sets, some just as single panels. I showed them to my teenage daughter and the response was … huh, yeah curtains, how nice. Ok, no problem. So, I folded them up and put them in the linen cupboard until inspiration tapped on my shoulder.

Turn the clock even further back … to six years ago. I was preparing to say farewell to Kenya and 26 years of living there. I was packing up my life there, my marriage was in tatters – we’d been separated for two years, my mother, who lived in the states, her health was very questionable to say the least and I had made the huge choice of braving the transition to living in the states entirely on my own. My children, who were born and raised in Kenya, were to remain for their school year in Kenya and holidays with me. They’d live in Kenya with their father and Emma their aiya, that’s the Swahili word for nanny. Their aiya’s name was Emma. I’m sure I couldn’t have made the choice to go to America without knowing they’d be safe with the love of Emma. She was much more then their aiya, she was much more like a kind and attentive and loving aunt. One simple whispered word or smile from her and the children would instantly calm down and focus on the task at hand, such as homework or they’d pitch in to help out with cleaning up, etc.

Emma certainly helped send me off with the same amount of care, love and attention. She helped me to pack and to find things, precious things to remind me of my life and adventures in Kenya. One such item was a duvet cover. It’s 100% cotton and beautifully crafted. I reckoned having it grace my bed in America would be a cosy reminder of the wonderful times I’ve had in Kenya and around the rest of Africa.

Sadly, when I arrived in Washington state none of the down duvets I owned actually fit the ‘out of Africa duvet cover’. So I carefully folded it up and put it a storage box, awaiting the day it might see the light of day.

Shift this tale to present day, I am on my eleventh Week of the MKE course, I wrote on my service card that I would make my daughter’s bed up with fresh linens before Dec 11. The serendipity of her asking if she could put a set of sheets that I had bought to use at work (I am a massage practitioner) left me in a state of wonder. She said she loved them, please could she have these ones on her bed? Of course I said, you are very welcomed to have those sheets. (I was thinking to myself, how amazing that I had written this very service on my index card!)

When I woke on the morning of the 8th Dec, I awoke inspired to accomplish the  service I’d promised to do before Dec 11. The sheets my daughter had chosen were 100% cotton in brown and white pinstripes. As I held them in my hands, I was reminded of my dear ‘out of Africa duvet cover.’ I began to root around in the cupboard and storage boxes … yes there it was … a bit wrinkled but still as lovely as ever. I refreshed it in the dryer while I rummaged through the linen closet for pillow cases. OMG! There were some hand bobbined pillow slips I’d also brought with me from Kenya! Now I was on a roll! The weather forecast was for snow so I reckoned I’d better layer a few more blankets on her bed. There was my Aunt Carmen’s warm red blanket and the wonderful soft and warm cashmere buttery yellow throw and of course the terra-cotta fleecy warm and fuzzy blankie. Perfect for snowy weather! My daughter will be all toasty and warm under all of these. Now where were those curtains? Out of the linen cupboard came the ‘waiting for inspiration’ curtains. I opened and fluffed all of them and yes that single panel would do nicely in her little window. Oh and that other panel will do nicely on my bedroom window to layer up from the snow. Then I pulled out the iron and gave everything a press and got the duvet cover out of the dryer.

Once the duvet was settled with the duvet cover on the outside,  I realized it needed a pressing as well, that and all of its buttons needed sewing back on. (Note to self, sewing project to do on a snowy day) I don’t know if you’ve ever wrestled a duvet into a duvet cover … it is a mighty task. Even though my great friend Diana, a Dutch woman with a huge heart, taught me the trick of turning the duvet cover inside out and holding the corners of the duvet through the rustled up duvet cover and then with a flurish like a magician and a flick of the wrist…. Presto! Duvet neatly inside its cover!

Well, this time it wasn’t so ‘presto’ more like struggle with tons of fabric. There was no way I was going to remove the cover to iron the darn thing. Thankfully, I recalled another friend of mine by the name of Dodo Cunningham Reid. She owned a beautiful lodge at Lake Naivasha and she adored freshly pressed linens on beds. So she had her staff actually press the guests’ sheets when they were on the bed itself! Dodo was known to say “No point in ironing a full sheet then folding it up. It merely leaves creases in all the wrong places.” Bingo! No fuss, no struggle I would take a page from Dodo’s book and press the duvet cover in-situ on my daughter’s bed. It was so much fun! Next thing came the task of putting back all the linens and blankets back into the cupboard. Guess what? I found three sets of sheets which had belonged to my mum,  which would be perfect as sheets for my massage clients! BAM! Give more get more in vivid technicolor!

The entire time I was in service, I felt this growing sense of joy. Then I stood back to admire my handiwork. To my astonishment the panel and the duvet were an exact match! As if they were bought in the same store as a set! That totally blew me away! One bought in Kenya and the other bought in Seattle, the purchases were ten years apart as well! Was this the universe sending me a heart warming message of acceptance or what?!

Tears of excitement and happiness and joy sprung straight from my heart. The other incredible thing was, this service from start to finish was completed in an hour and a half! Another wow! It all was swimmingly effortless to boot! I’d entirely lost track of time and completely absorbed in only ‘this moment now.’ To add to this give more get more theme, the delight and appreciation my daughter has in her new comfy bed is music to my ears and a balm to my heart. She came out of her room with shining eyes and said” Mom, thank you for my new linens, they brighten my room and everything is so cosy and comfy. I love my new bed!”

I’d like to thank everyone and everything that melded together to create this moment here and now. From the grower of the cotton, to the mill where the cotton was spun and woven, to the creator of the design and of course the sewer thereof … made in China no less, also to the merchants who made it available, to the friends who gladly shared their nuggets of wisdom, to the seed of inspiration … which blossomed this very day, to the happiness and gratitude of my daughter and all to those people, places, plants and animals that touched this moment in anyway shape or form; I here and now send you  with all my heart and soul … my gratitude, my thanks and my appreciation for giving this moment such a deep impression and impact on my being.

Thank you, Universe! Thank you, God!