MKE Week 21 – God’s Greatest Miracle


I found this poem by Don Iannone and it frames the beginning of my new adventure rather nicely.

Heroes in Our Own Life Stories
by Don Iannone

Heroes, all of us, in our own life stories
Travelers, you and me
A journey, each day to find ourselves
A lifetime to discover what we’ve lost

Reluctant at times
to accept the challenge–
we are to ourselves
or the challenge nonexistent places pose

Lost at times, all of us
Both within and outside ourselves
Adversity, around each corner
Our biggest monsters always within

Romance, laced between footsteps
Too often in love with ourselves, and
forever in love with whatever we seek
Wedded we are, to the myth bringing us here

Lost arks, holy grails, new lands discovered
Apparent destinations, the journey’s end
But even reaching the end–no end in sight
Heroes we become, only when we go beyond

Eventually comes the morning, we awaken
Like the sun, we shine, and
finally see what we’ve lost
Only then, can we go home

Inspired by Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung
and my teacher Jonathan Young

Claes: Thanks for sharing Your thoughts and this beautiful poem! Peace, Claes

Me: I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read the poem. I discovered Don Iannone’s poem while searching hero’s journey on the web. I like the idea of the web… in that we are all connected through this web, the fibers of life, these fibers make up the rich tapestry which we are all a part of weaving. Thanks Cales.

Read the full article,

From this poem it leads me quite nicely into Week 21 where we are studying that true power lies in our consciousness of power. Awareness holds incredible might … and practice of being conscious of power allows me to become proficient and with proficiency I become harmonious with the Universal Mind that is Omnipresent, this harmony  with all that is gifts me the opportunity to be in the flow and immersion of the Universal Mind and being in that flow all things are possible. Ask and you shall receive  a thousand fold. I am the creator of my destiny with the deep connection to the Omnipotence of the Universe … this connection supports and enlivens my choices and places me in direct line of the pure power and majesty of creation. So my consciousness of power is there for me to tap into at will. In that we are all one then we each have this amazing source conection as well.

In the midst of chaos this week I have found peace in my core. The stillness and silence pervades my being and infuses all that I be, do, think and act. The best part about all of this is that my ease and grace becomes the air that I breath and my family, my partner and my children begin to follow the flow of inner knowingness and discover their own power, become conscious of their power and the ripple effect goes on with out end. Such a wonderful discovery! Now I more fully understand that I am God’s Greatest Miracle! So too arte thou, my dear reader … so too arte thou.


MKE Week 14 – Hidden Blessings


“God left the world unfinished;

the pictures unpainted, the songs unsung,

and the problems unsolved, that people

might know the joys of creation.” – Thomas S. Monson

I’d like to send in a quick word regarding our scope as humans, our amazing gifts from above and the endless possibilities we have within our short walk of this lifetime. As each of us deeply and truly grasps and imbibes that we all have an extremely special gift to bring to the world. Furthermore, that we posses the vulnerability and courage to actualize our gifts for the upliftment of humanity and indeed fulfill each of our spirit’s purpose on this physical plane. Please Fellow Travellers and Warriors of the Spirit, let us all join hearts to welcome Heaven on Earth. As each one of us accepts this new place as true, the entire planet is hastened to each person’s awakening, until the entire planet is illuminated and thriving with creativity, harmony and happiness.  Now that’s something to get out of bed for!

MKE Week 14 – #LifeIsWild


“What if I forgave myself? I thought. What if I forgave myself even though I’d done something I shouldn’t have? What if I was a liar and a cheat and there was no excuse for what I’d done other than because it was what I wanted and needed to do? What if I was sorry, but if I could go back in time I wouldn’t do anything differently than I had done? What if I’d actually wanted to screw every one of those men? What if heroin taught me something? What if yes was the right answer instead of no? What if what made me do all those things everyone thought I shouldn’t have done was what also had got me here? What if I was never redeemed? What if I already was?”
― Cheryl Strayed, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

This quote at the end of the movie îs so profound! What if I could forgive myself? What if I could accept myself completely, warts and all and relive my life again with no alterations; apart from my point of view? That point of view being that everything I did and chose to do WAS completely acceptable as the road to get me right where I am at this moment! Then there is no need for redemption… because I am already perfect, whole and complete.

Cheryl certainly had tenacity to stick to the trail even though her feet got shredded She even walked 50 miles in sandals that were duck taped to her feet on those shredded feet! I was very glad REI had a properly fitting pair of boots for her at the end of her 50 miles. I must say, I often saw myself in her moment so of questioning, in her moments of fear and in her deep inner strength.

I would say her two pivitol needs would be Spiritual Growth and True Health. I appreciate that Cheryl fully wished to walk herself back to the woman her mother brought up and that means fully true health. Her discovery that one is already redeemed. WOW!  The insight that one simply has to accept and realize the truth of it. Then one gets to own it!

Its such a fantastic film I shall watch it again. It had me laughing, crying and standing in my feet in total elation!


MKE Week 10 – Primary Plus 1, Baptism by Water!


This is the sight that I see each morning, afternoon and evening when I go to the sink in my kitchen. Where I go to clean, wash dishes, sweep and mop the floor, cook, snack, argue, have serious discussions, have ephianies, laugh over the events of the day, hear the latest news, view the hottest fashions, sported by my In crowd teenagers, learn to carry huge amounts of stuff in and out of the kitchen door, hug friends, have romantic candle lit dinners, cradle babies, soothe an upset teenager or two and other such life events that occur around hearth and home. Yes, the kitchen is baptism by fire, by air and water. Oops! I digress, what I meant to say was: I have these four shapes in three dimension to effortlessly remind me of the direction I am choosing to go. They act as sentinels to stand guard over the relentless tiny self who has reigned over my life for far too long.

Yes, they are there as sentinels … and yet so many times, even within the space of one hour .. I forget. Then my tiny self takes its advantage and leverages its addiction for the crazy, out of control , anger based peptides. And next thing I know I’m off into a rage of anger, hurt and other such negative issues. It happens far too often that the anger peptides win! Dagnabbit!! 1 breathe, 2 inhale, 3  exhale, 4 breathe, 5 inhale, 6 exhale,  7 breathe, just 7 measley seconds,  seven seconds!, REALLY?? WELL ALRIGHTY THEN!  If it’s seven seconds then I’m only allowed seven seconds. PERIOD. It’s  all I’m allotted for a negative thought to be present. Either, I shift to a neutral or positive thought OR I must reset my Mental Diet and begin my count right from zero  again and again and yet again so I may gain my 7 DAYS TO FREEDOM!

Well, at least I can pat myself on the back with an honest congratulations. My longest time without a negative thought was 16 hours (8 of those hours were when I was asleep, a dreamless sleep at that). I’m proud of myself for that accomplishment because in that last hour of the 16, I actually used the 7 second rule successfully twice! Then Bang!  Snap! I broke into a rant about the kids having not done the dishes properly. Start again. Even got myself whipped into a frenzy of tossing the Tupperware  around the kitchen! Start again! Holy moley! I’d only locked my tiny self down for 16 hours and she was gonna have her anger peptides and she was gonna have her anger fix real good.

My, my, my those peptides and the tiny self …what a strong bond they have! It is as if the longer I hold on to my commitment to the 7 Day Mental Diet, the harder and more crafty my tiny self  becomes. She plots, plans and creates mayhem that erupts like lava all over my nicely polished ideals!

I was so relieved on the 1st of December when we got to open Scroll III. All I can say is: Thank God for Scroll III! “I will persist until I succeed.” Those words of wisdom from Og are a breath of fresh air to this drowning rat of a person called Julie. The knowledge that I will persist until I succeed went straight to my soul and tears of joy, relief and a new found resolve weld up inside of me. I cried. Good tears, of course. I gave up a prayer of thanks to God for leading me to this course. Wow! What an epiphany!

Then of course there is dear, deep Haanel … this week’s sit of visualizing a cone coming towards me in assorted colors! How cool is that? When I am able to fully see these visions at my command. BAM! Then I’ll know for sure I’ve mastered something amazing and powerful! WOW! Once I master this visualization then I know I can create anything that I’d like! Anything I can imagine!  Anything at all! It’ll be like snapping my fingers! And there it will be! The only limitations will be the limitations I place on what is possible!  Incredible!  We are only at the beginning of the second trimester! Funny how that sounds so much like growing a baby. I do believe that once this course is completed I’ll feel just like that – a new born baby. With a whole new view of Life and what is possible and of what I am able to create.

Speaking of being reborn, as a huge aside I was baptized November 24, 2016. On reflection, this baptism day coincided with an enormous effort on the part of my tiny self to keep to familiar ground, to not rock the boat, to be all normal and everything.  My teenage son came with me to the church, even though he is agnostic. As we got nearer to the church, he decided he didn’t want to come in to church. He’d simply wait for me out in the car. What did you say?!! (Enter tiny self.) I was just about to blow my top… you mean you came all this way… only to… but then, no! No! No way! This is so not going to happen! You, yeah you over there, tiny self. You are going to listen to me. You are going to stop this unruly behavior, immediately! You are not gong to ruin or even get close to stopping my baptism!  My new self found her strength!  Oh yeah!

In no uncertain terms was this situation going to turn into a shouting match! I decided my new self was going to win this one! So, I came to a gentle and calm agreement with my son, he would stay in the car and when it came time for my Baptisim he’d be called in  by someone from the church. He agreed to that. Whew! Storm of tiny self averted! Then, my tiny self made yet another attempt to derail my plans. When I walked into the church I was suddenly overcome with self doubt. I had extremely strong second thoughts about what I was about to do. Was getting baptized the right thing for me to do or not? Tears of frustration, tears of fear, tears of uncertainty.  After all, my own flesh and blood was sitting right outside, in my car, no less. He was not even going to grace the threshold of the church. Let alone allow himself to partake of a Sunday sermon. Then I saw Willie, the elder who had agreed to baptize me. I then calmed right down. We discussed baptism. I discovered that baptism is not a commitment to the church per say, it is a baptism to open my heart to God and to do His work, the most important work. John 6:14 “The work of God is this: to believe in the one He has sent.” Then we went to church to listen to the service and to sing to the glory of the Lord. You know what? The entire service was exactly what I needed to hear. It spoke directly to my heart, to my soul. It was as if the good Lord knew what was required, what I needed. The service was all about forgiveness and offering oneself up to service, service isn’t about being subservient… not at all! The service being spoken of is in Service to the most high; the universal flow, that sort service. Then the sermon went on to discuss the depth and truth of being forgiven, by God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Perfect in every way!

At communion time, I was asked by (pronounced Jen-nAy) Jena, the elder’s wife, to excuse myself. Jena walked with me to the changing room. There I prepared myself in clothes that I could get wet, clothes in which I would be reborn.  I was instructed as to what to expect, where to walk, etc.  I was asked to come out from the changing room to take my short walk to the baptism pool and to my surprise and delight, the entire congregation was there! And there was my son too! Thank God! I couldn’t have been more filled with joy! I was gently guided to the baptism pool by Jena. Then Willie, my elder took my other hand and helped me walk down the steps into the baptism pool. He said a few words to the congregation. Then he turned to me and looked deep in my eyes and asked me an important question and only one question.

“Do you believe that Jesus is the son of God?” I answered, “Yes.” And it is done.

God is good.




MKE Week 8 – Stimulation & Jell-oh


“I want it said of me by those who knew me best, that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow.”
Abraham Lincoln

Week 8 finds me focusing on the Law of Giving, especially as we are rapidly approaching Thanksgiving. The MKE teachings of being in the flow and that each one of us is the dynamic flow of giving and receiving; has lit me up – especially this week. Week 8 is the shape of infinity and infinity is perpetual. It continues to produce …to give out as it were. I love the beauty of Abraham’s vision of  plucking a thistle and planting a flower where he believes a flower may grow. Such simple and profound advice. I have given special attention to breathing into my heart to reach out to  each person I meet and saying I love you. In my heart, I’m also ensuring that I follow the Four Laws of Giving.

1) Offer a gift everywhere I go.

2) Give hope, joy, affluence, kindness and love consciously regardless of the brevity of each encounter.

3) I shall give without expectation of reciprocity from the immediate channnel I have been in contact with.

4)  I promise to be a grateful receiver of compliments … when I get a compliment I shall say thank you. What else can one say?

I’ve discovered that this week when I am open and vulnerable I have the greatest expansion of my heart; interactions with myself and other folk simply flow. I truly understand this law of Giving and the Mental Diet combined are sneaky exercises to flex our Witness muscle … because thoughts that fire together WIRE together. The Mental Diet is at once the bane of my life and also a platform for me to have the opportunity  to touch my spirit at a much higher vibration. This gives me access to the whole of me, the Julie that is eternal, deeply wise and filled with love and light.

It’s intrigued me how serendipity is a constant companion, along with great ideas and seemingly flawless timing. Incredible! Is what I say! It wiggles through like jello on a plate. Happy vibrations! Thank you for teaching me the Law of Giving … I’m going to take four and pass it on!


MKE Week 7 – Begin Again, Stop It! It’s All Music to My Ears.


“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.” Leonard Cohen.

This week we  pay tribute to one of  Canada’s greatest song writers and poets, Leonard Cohen. What an amazing lifelong journey. “Adam Cohen, his son and producer, said Mr. Cohen had died “with the knowledge that he had completed what he felt was one of his greatest records.” His final studio album, “You Want It Darker,” was released in October.” One track from his last album called Leaving the Table is at once an insightful melody from one who’s cogent enough to poignantly score the end of their life in a way that’s able to reach everyone and astoundingly connected to our MKE assignment of a Mental Diet!! Enter the Twlight Zone!! I can hear Cohen’s sensual laughter and see his shining eyes there in heaven as he recognizes that I got the joke. (Remember to click the blue title to hear Leonard’s song on YouTube.)

With saying farewell to one of Rock and Roll’s hall of fame members, it brings me to one of the assignments for week 7, setting our DMP  to music. This beautifully connects to one of the seven ways we learn … learning through music. Once I got off of our webcast I went straight to work, it was more like straight off to play – what fun!

I first tried out a few songs that might suit being played in the background; My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion was the hands up winner! I’ve listened to my own voice and Celine’s crooning so many times I’ve lost count! Love hearing the sound of my very own voice, set to my DMP in tandem with Celine Dion, my hero. Now that is a recipe for success if ever I’ve heard of one. Now I know what other folk mean when they say my voice is so soothing! Whenever I listen to my recording I immediately calm down and center myself. I call it Music to my Ears, Oh that and also Greetings to Julie of the Future. Welcome to my World, Julie! As my dear mother used to say, “A stranger is a friend you just haven’t met yet.”

Then there is the other class assignment or is it rather class punishment (begin again) or perhaps to put a more positive spin on it, the class awakening lesson. If you’re wondering to what exactly I’m referring, it is our class assignment of embarking on a Mental Diet. This entails agreeing to be an ever watchful witness to ALL  of my thoughts in each and every moment and also requesting my inner self to remain in positive thought and action at all times!  This vilgelence shall remain intact until such time as I am able to be consistently positive for seven consecutive days. If at any moment I have a negative thought or allow that thought to reach my words then I must  begin again. Sounds basically straight forward, right? NO WAY!! Are you kidding me? I haven’t been able to get through an entire hour without having to begin again at least ten or fifteen times! The entire week! Oh pleeeeazzzze, good Lord help me! Thankfully, this assignment is ongoing until the 4 Dec. Whew! I think to myself, fudge! (my handy dandy bad word of the week) BEGIN AGAIN! At least they, (the ones who thought up this mental gymnastic exercise) have a handle on the reality of getting my negative thoughts corralled; especially as I haven’t the foggiest clue! Begin again! Who in their tiny minds can get this assignment truly completed? Begin again! 

I secretly have this amazing angelic idea of what life would be like IF I could ever make it through simply 24 hours without a single negative word or thought or action. Begin again!  Seven days well, then I’d be an avatar or better! But hey, I love a nearly impossible challenge … call me crazy but I reckon I will get this assignment done and dusted before the 4 Dec 2016. In fact, I promise to do so. I always keep my promises, signed Julie Bautista.

The tip that Mark J sent us mid-way through the week was hilarious and extremely helpful. It bears a repeat showing of Bob Newhart’s sage advice. Stop It!

Bob’s advice of shouting Stop It! to any unwanted thought or action is perfect! I have a permenent Stop sign in my minds eye ready to flash out a warning so I can stop that line of thinking and replace it with a positive thought. I suppose I am getting better. I did make it for an hour an a half on Thursday, when I was making coffee for my church group. I’m praying that week 8 will reveal my ability of at least making it through 24 hours in positive mode. But that is just something that other folk can easily do! Oops! There I go again, STOP IT! And begin again. Oh bother! Begin again. See what I mean?!

I reckon it’s just like when I learned to walk from a crawling state. I kept on bumping and bruising myself, falling down and staggering about. When it continuously happened, I  didn’t sit down and say this walking thing is so not going to happen for me. NO WAY! I got back on my feet and made another valiant attempt and got repaid with yet more and more and more bumps, bruises and failure. I must have known somewhere in my being about Og’s Scroll I ” Failure no longer will be my payment for struggle.” Because one glorious day, I was proudly on my own two feet and walking gracefully with my head held high and a triumphant ear to ear smile on my face. This walking event was attended by my adoring mother and father who were enthusiastically clapping their hands and shouting praises of “Good girl! How clever you are, Julie! Look at that, you are walking! We’re so proud of you! Walk right over here you beautiful child, let us scoop you up and kiss you all over!” Then I’d squirm out of their loving embrace and set off walking and exploring all over again. Then my folks would say, ” Watch out world, here comes Julie!”

So it is with this Mental Diet. I may feel that I’m going mental just attempting to get through five minutes. But I know, sure as the sun will rise each day I will get this seven days under my belt and then my folks words of wisdom shall come to pass. “Watch out world, here comes Julie!”

Mom and Dad you may not be on this Earth plane now, yet I carry you both lovingly in my heart. I promise, I will accomplish the task at hand. I pray that you will shine on me from heaven above. I love you, Mom. I love you, Dad. Thank you for loving me.







MKE Week 6 – Love is the Opening Door


I was so excited to read Scroll II of Og Mandino’s book, Scroll I was foundational  and Scroll II is monumental!!! Hold on to your heart, Julie this is going to be a life changer type of week!!

WOWIE! I’ve had to carry around a box of tissues to  mop my eyes from the numberous  times I’ve wept for joy from saying “I Love You” silently in my heart to each person I meet/see. If there was a deal that needed breaking this week, the power of uttering those 3 words made the making of the deal and the sealing hand shake as soft as a baby’s skin!  Thank you, Og!

“Love Song” sung by Elton John has been my anthem this week. Love is the key we must turn … oh yeah that is the way. OMG says, “If I have no other qualities I can succeed with love alone. Without it I will fail though I possess all the knowledge and skills of the world.” Those words of wisdom I have worn like a badge of honor this week and in truth it has made my week as smooth as silk.

Silky baby skin, swimming in tears of joy, learning how to melt the ice of fear, so many things discovered from praying those three words in silence, I LOVE YOU.

What more can I say?