MKE Week 24- Wilma Rudolph


I discovered this very day about the amazing life of Wilma Rudolph. Have a look at what she overcame and then accomplished in her 54 years on God’s green earth.

Her single mindedness is an inspiration for me. She has inspired me to lean into being the observer of my world, to focus on what I am grateful for in life; to ensure that I provide for more life to all and less life to none. I fully intend to use my thinking mind and the love in my heart to strive relentlessly toward my highest good, with a coherent and definite mental vision of what I desire, coupled with full faith to enjoy my vision now as if  it is already attained. I shall forever remain thankful to the Formless Substance for gifting me with the deepest desires of my heart. I shall continually act with clear purpose to create and achieve my desires. I shall make the time to meditate in silence so that I may hear the whispers and direction of the Universe. For I know that the universe creates in ways that are far better then that which I could have imagined possible. I shall remain constantly open and child like to the unfolding miracles and serendipity and coincidences that occur in my new found life. All this is what I have learned from this amazing course of the Master Key Experience and the super human approach of someone like Wilma epitomizes the essence of this approach to life at its highest level.

Thank you, Wilma.

Thank you, Mark J.

Thank you, Davene.



MKE Week 23 – Finish Strong

Finish Strong

Finish strong.

One part gentle, another part powerful

and in some parts scary.

Finish strong.

A command to my Higher Self,

Find the inner strength that will

Reveal who I truly am.

Finish strong.

-Julie Bautista


The next few weeks to come will be proof of the pudding for me. First off, I am struggling with the old cemented way of thinking and the opposite idea of stepping fully into creating my present moments. Right now my focus is to get myself accross the finish line of this six month journey with the Master Key Experience. I’d call it an inner marathon of monumental proportions. My tiny self is procrastinating to avoid actually crossing this finish line. Then my higher self steps in and pulls me up by the boot straps. Then my tiny self reminds me the  I can  merely remain in this limbo land forever; not quite cemented and not quite gone Hulk like and bust out completely of my cement Buddha. Tiny self now has control and more odd thoughts tumble out. Perhaps I am afraid of starting all over again, in this new way of being. Who will I know that thinks this same way? Do I have the proper tools? Can I do this without support? No of course not! BUT can I truly find a good support team? Perhaps it is better just to stop right where I am. Or better yet retreat into the comfortable familiarity of being cemented in and close hearted. That way I don’t have to shine.

This is where the rubber meets the road and my Higher self regains her strength. Who on earth am I trying to kid here? In just a few weeks there will be an end to this MKE marathon.  I am excited to cross the threshold of a structured way of inner knowing. It is now my responsibility to continue to unravel the path to unlimitlessness. Right now I am strapping on my courage and stepping into the Harmony of the Universe.

My first mission I’ve given myself is to review Wallace Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich. Chapter three spoke to me directly, it addressed perfectly what I have been observing over the past few weeks.

Mr Wattles awakened me with this one sentence;

“Everything you see on earth is made from one original substance, out of which all things proceed.”

Coupled with the informative webcast Mark J gifted us with which assured each of us that everything comes from Love.

My conclusion is the one original substance is pure LOVE.

 I love it.

Finish Strong.

Week 22a – The Place Where Silence Begins


Actually planning on being completely silent for an entire week is going to be a huge undertaking for me. I’ve thought it through and intellectually I realize the benefits that aught to appear on the other side of that major undertaking. There is a big part of me that would very much like to say, Yeah, I get it. It would be fabulous to remain silent. I’ll be able to get in touch with my inner being. BUT I really don’t have the time to be COMPLETLEY QUIET for seven whole days! Then there is this smaller, wiser part of me who knows that with practice and planning I will really do this thing; Be Silent for a week. Travel inward, be alone and with who I be for a week. Interesting proposition.

First, the warm up. Each morning as I stretch out to prepare to sit for meditation, I contemplate the enormity of what being silent looks like. I go into my meditation and then as I come out of my formal meditation, I practice and become aware of how long I am able to remain silent and centered before I open my mouth to speak. As the week has progressed, I’ve discovered an interesting dichotomy. One side is that I measure what I have to say more fully and what I say bears a bit more truth then my usual babble. The downside to this morning ritual of extending my silent time is that I feel some emotions stir up that I’d rather didn’t surface. I’m finding that at times I find myself exploding with pent up anger.

Where on earth is that all coming from? Will this seven days of silence turn me into a raging lunatic? Eeks! Help! Thankfully, I stumbled into a Sleep meditation while surfing round YouTube. This nightly meditation is helping to calm things a bit for me. (Though  there are times when I’d say the anger wins) Og’s scroll VI “Today I am the master of my emotions.” To the rescue.

Well, this week is a  huge disappointment for me. My emotions have been the master, quite frankly. There are lessons learned though and beginning Sunday, I shall dust myself off from wrestling in the sand with my knee jerk reaction and begin again. I shall revisit Og’s scroll III “I persist until I succeed.” Coupled with my new habit of listening each night to the sleep meditation; these added tools will most certainly help prepare me for the coming week of silence. I also reckon I will arrange to go into silence for two and a half days; to do the half marathon of silence, as it were. I’m sure it will be cleansing and enlightening in and of itself.

I recall a wonderful journey into the desert in Israel, back in 1983. Our group went to this amazing monastery where the monks were living separate from the community entirely devoted to God’s work. We were welcomed by two gentle monks who took us on a tour of their monastery. We saw how their water system was cleverly arranged so that the fresh water was used for drinking and cooking purposes, then bathing and washing the clothes and then the water was sent through this incredible system of marble carved troughs. The grey water was then used for irrigation and the excess tumbled away from the mountain as a gentle waterfall.

We also were taken to the sacred tomb of the Saint who began this monastery. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the Saint’s name. It was with reverent silence, that we were all given a  lighted beeswax candle to descend the ancient stone spiral stairway. Round and round into the deepening darkness, the only light was from each of our flickering candles. One of the monks lead us and the other monk followed us from behind. When we reached the Saint’s tomb, we all stood silently and in awe at the energy of peace and calm that pervaded the surrounding atmosphere. We gave our honor and peace to this silence for ten or fifteen minutes, in return we were bathed in the calm and peaceful love. Then the monk who’d followed us down lead us all upward, to ascend the cool spiral stairway. No one spoke the entire journey up and down. So peaceful and serene. We were then given a meager meal of brown bread, bean soup and black tea. The flavours were delicious. Again we ate our meal in silence. It wasn’t enforced, it simply arose naturally. The amazing thing was there were ten in our group and with the two monks it made us a group of twelve. Twelve people all silent for over two hours! Wow! When the meal was through, we washed our wooden bowls and cups. The eledest monk broke the silence, initially, with his eyes, asking us all silently, permission to speak. We each returned the gesture of agreement. What a graceful exchange! He then spoke and he asked if we would like to have a look at their simple gift shop. Yes of course we would. There were a few handmade Coptic leather crosses and some candles and other simple items. I still have my Coptic Cross. It is one of my favorite pieces.

As we were all speaking again, I found it interesting that each of us measured our words and only used them as sparingly as possible. I did have a few burning questions though. Where were all the rest of the monks in the monastery? Why were we only allowed to meet with the two of you?  Would it be possible to at least see the others?

The younger of the two monks looked directly into my eyes. His eyes were gentle and had a depth that was wise and inviting; so refreshing for one so young. He said originally this entire monastery was sworn to complete silence,  the only connection to the town was through a basket pulley system. Letters, produce and clothing and other necessary items were delivered up and down through that system. As time went on, the monastery altered their focus and choose break their vow of silence in a partial manner. Only two to four monks went out of silence at any one time. But those who choose to break their vow of silence were able to communicate with the town. This eventually evolved into the monastery welcoming visitors. The main portion of the monastery is still avowed to complete silence.

“Would I like to see where the silence begins?”

“Yes” I replied, looking deeply into the monk’s eyes with gratitude.

He lead me back through a hallway we had already been through, then through a doorway and another long hallway. At the end of that hallway, there was a turn and then a wrought iron gate, which gave way to a courtyard, the center was open to the elements, a lovely  palm garden and fountain with burbling water were found there. The courtyard was circled by other buildings. The monk lead me to within three feet of the closed wrought iron gate. I could fell the pure energy of Love, Devotion, Peace and Calm emanating from this space of silence. So precious and pure. I wanted to open the gate and run into that sacred courtyard, to dive deeply into this delicious silence. The monk sensed my desire and gently placed a finger to his lips and lead me away from the place where silence begins. This space of silence is where I go to in my heart whenever I need solice and peace.

Thank you dear monk for such a beautiful gift of peace and strength!





MKE Week 22 – The Warrior


When one faces the monster within, one engages the battle of the Spiritual Warrior. So begins the inner journey which alters all the outward reflections and choices and actions. The truth is brought forth from within.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt. I would further that statement by saying that fear is created within our own self, and when we give it attention it grows, and yet we now know that negativity has no vitality – unless we feed it with our attention and angst (that is what allows fear and its accomplices to flourish). Fear does not exist whenever I am focused on who I be and where I’m going. In those moments, I am fully involved with the positive. Everybody knows that the positive has its own vitality.

Positivity allows us to grow into and become who we truly be and to move into our authentic selves.The entire universe is bathed in this positive charge. This positive charge is full potential. Silently awaiting the spark of an idea, which lights one’s heart afire, which then grows into enlivened thought, then it gathers momentum, enough momentum to act upon one’s wildest dreams until they appear in outward realization. Laser sharp focus, gratitude, persistence, enthusiasm, attention to what is good for the whole; all this perpetuates good.

The gift of giving is a hoop, the more I give, the more the Universe gifts back to me; in overflowing abundance. When I give to you from my heart, it is guaranteed to flow right back to me. I’ve realized that in giving to the Universal flow, it allows the water of life to ripple, burble and flow in myriad circles and those connecting circles flow lovingly back to me. Along the way I touch other’s lives and they touch mine. In that touching of lives goodness is exchanged. One is able to discover more deeply the gift of love through these exchanges. We are here to share our life with others. Together we entwine our fibers of life to create a rich tapestry, woven of our mingled life experiences. Love. That is why I’m here. That’s why you’re here. Hmmm, one of the many meanings of this beautiful thing we call Life!”

The Wheel of Life is a beautiful thing.


MKE Week 21 – God’s Greatest Miracle


I found this poem by Don Iannone and it frames the beginning of my new adventure rather nicely.

Heroes in Our Own Life Stories
by Don Iannone

Heroes, all of us, in our own life stories
Travelers, you and me
A journey, each day to find ourselves
A lifetime to discover what we’ve lost

Reluctant at times
to accept the challenge–
we are to ourselves
or the challenge nonexistent places pose

Lost at times, all of us
Both within and outside ourselves
Adversity, around each corner
Our biggest monsters always within

Romance, laced between footsteps
Too often in love with ourselves, and
forever in love with whatever we seek
Wedded we are, to the myth bringing us here

Lost arks, holy grails, new lands discovered
Apparent destinations, the journey’s end
But even reaching the end–no end in sight
Heroes we become, only when we go beyond

Eventually comes the morning, we awaken
Like the sun, we shine, and
finally see what we’ve lost
Only then, can we go home

Inspired by Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung
and my teacher Jonathan Young

Claes: Thanks for sharing Your thoughts and this beautiful poem! Peace, Claes

Me: I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read the poem. I discovered Don Iannone’s poem while searching hero’s journey on the web. I like the idea of the web… in that we are all connected through this web, the fibers of life, these fibers make up the rich tapestry which we are all a part of weaving. Thanks Cales.

Read the full article,

From this poem it leads me quite nicely into Week 21 where we are studying that true power lies in our consciousness of power. Awareness holds incredible might … and practice of being conscious of power allows me to become proficient and with proficiency I become harmonious with the Universal Mind that is Omnipresent, this harmony  with all that is gifts me the opportunity to be in the flow and immersion of the Universal Mind and being in that flow all things are possible. Ask and you shall receive  a thousand fold. I am the creator of my destiny with the deep connection to the Omnipotence of the Universe … this connection supports and enlivens my choices and places me in direct line of the pure power and majesty of creation. So my consciousness of power is there for me to tap into at will. In that we are all one then we each have this amazing source conection as well.

In the midst of chaos this week I have found peace in my core. The stillness and silence pervades my being and infuses all that I be, do, think and act. The best part about all of this is that my ease and grace becomes the air that I breath and my family, my partner and my children begin to follow the flow of inner knowingness and discover their own power, become conscious of their power and the ripple effect goes on with out end. Such a wonderful discovery! Now I more fully understand that I am God’s Greatest Miracle! So too arte thou, my dear reader … so too arte thou.

MKE Week 20 – Progress vs Precedent


Haanel’s lesson 20: 20. (Perfect Vision) We can live more abundantly every time we breathe, if we consciously breathe with that intention. The IF is a very important condition in this case, as the intention governs the attention, and without the attention you can secure only the results which every one else secures. That is, a supply equal to the demand.

My meditation time has been especially enhanced with the focus on the intake and out flow of my breath. Breathing in the energy of the Universe, the Omnipresence and breathing out my individual energy to be engaged into the Universal flow. So very powerful! It is as if my week happened effortlessly and gracefully. Peace!

Progress is  a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage: “the progress of a student toward a degree.”

A precedent is “a previous instance taken as an example or rule by which to be guided in similar cases or circumstances.” A common idiom is “to set a precedent”.

Taking lesson 20 and combining it with the idea of prioritizing my week and focusing on what would allow my life to progress and allowing precedent to be left as the fill in of my week’s time. It blew my excus-itus out of the water! I’ve got so much accomplished and there’s been a huge amount of vitality and lightness in my week. WONDERFUL!


MKE Week 19 – In Memory of Sir John Hurt


“We are all racing towards death. No matter how many great, intellectual conclusions we draw during our lives, we know they’re all only man-made, like God. I begin to wonder where it all leads. What can you do, except do what you can do as best you know how.” – Sir John Hurt.

I met Sir John and his  second wife, Donna Hurt on set at the Djinn Palace in Naivasha, Kenya. I was a friend of the Zwager family, especially Reintje. I’d been asked by Reintje to do the flowers for the White Mischief film set. During the fortnight of shooting the film, I became friends with both John and Donna. During the filming John took a particular interest in my son, Lawrence. One of my treasures is a collection of photos we took with John and the other actors. There is a special one that stands in my memory, young Lawrence with a great big grin and Sir John laughing. So lovely! My family and I spent many a happy weekend at their home affectionately called Wingu Kenda which is Swahili for Cloud Nine, in the Lee of Mount Kenya. I was given by Donna, a sweet dog half Rottweiler and half shenzy (Swahili slang for mongeral). My children named him Tom Tom. That wonderful dog, Tom Tom must have had a bit of sheep dog in him because he loved rounding up children, cars and a few chickens. He did his round up while offering his wiley doggy grin. To read the full article introducing John’s unusual choice of abode, tap on the article from the Washington Post in blue, John Hurt into Africa .

img_3720It was with great sadness that I learned of John Hurt’s passing from his second wife Donna Peacock. Here is The Guardian’s tribute to Sir John Hurt a fitting  commemoratory to a truly versatile actor and wonderful human being. I shall miss you, Sir John. You gave all of us a glimpse into the heart of God with your gifts and wonderful talent. I thank  you with all my heart.

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