The Dworzal


Hello fellow blog readers and writers. My name is Julie Bautista, the Dworzal. I’d like to fill you in on what Dworzals are … and perhaps a bit of what they’re not. Dworzals are soft gentle creatures who love to nibble on a bit of this and a bit of that, all the while creating lists of things to do in multi coloured pens, paper, crayons oh and especially Sharpies!! Dworzals really love Sharpies! If you’d like to get on the good side; actually on THE best side of any Dworzal, simply bring them a brightly wrapped present with lots of pretty ribbons and of course it goes without saying there must be a selection of crackling tissue paper inside the box cleverly concealing a fresh selection of Sharpies in a rainbow of colours. Well, that Dworzal will be over the MOON and most definitely will be your friend for life!

Hmmm, … where was I ??

Right! List making … check!

Nibbling … check!

Dworzals love to make delicious food and share it over conversation and a glass of wine – or two. After the meal is eaten over lashings of good wine and intimate conversation,  then it loves to dance and sing …then of course tidy away the dining mess before writing a few more lists before bed … then hopping into a fragrant bubble bath … then tucking in for a long, well deserved sleep … that’s another thing Dworzals love to do …snuggle down into warm, comfy, natural fiber blankies and lots of cozy feather pillows … read a few stories out of a book or make one up to entertain her young ones, Yes, yes. There is a restlessness with Dworzals as well. They love to get started on a project in the wee hours of the morning. Dworzals get enthusiastic and jump out of their warm and cozy nest in the hours before the birds even think of singing. BTW Dworzals have the idea that they are being extremely quiet and treading softly on the carpeted hallways and yet that is not the feedback they get from the slumbering household (blush!) Most often though those projects center around making fresh bread or baking some delicious blueberry muffins and lashings of hot coffee and cocoa so the disturbed household manages a bleary eyed smile while they butter their muffins.

Traveling to far away places and living life just as the local folk do … that is something that makes a Dworzal tingle and buzz with the excitement of Life! Sitting around a campfire or an evening hearth, exchanging tales of incredible adventures in the depths of the Sahara or massaging the King of Norway or bumping into the likes of Daniel Craig or Kevin Costner or Rachel Wise are stories the Dworzal likes to trade for the re-telling of ones adventures or to see another’s paintings or hear a song being played on the piano or banjo … that is another magical thing that Dworzals love. Dworzals do not like to watch scary movies, No, no, no! Or go up to high places like a cliff over hang or to traverse a wobbly span of a bridge way up high!! Oh dear! Though they have been known to do those very scary things if the need to get to the other side was important to a friend. Because Dworzals definitely hold friends and family as a precious priority!

This is merely the tip of the iceberg about Dworzals … please send along question or two if you have any further questions about Dworzals and this Dworzal would be most happy to respond. Oh I must go now as the kettle is whistling away and it is time for a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea, bye for now!

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