MKE Week 24- Wilma Rudolph


I discovered this very day about the amazing life of Wilma Rudolph. Have a look at what she overcame and then accomplished in her 54 years on God’s green earth.

Her single mindedness is an inspiration for me. She has inspired me to lean into being the observer of my world, to focus on what I am grateful for in life; to ensure that I provide for more life to all and less life to none. I fully intend to use my thinking mind and the love in my heart to strive relentlessly toward my highest good, with a coherent and definite mental vision of what I desire, coupled with full faith to enjoy my vision now as if  it is already attained. I shall forever remain thankful to the Formless Substance for gifting me with the deepest desires of my heart. I shall continually act with clear purpose to create and achieve my desires. I shall make the time to meditate in silence so that I may hear the whispers and direction of the Universe. For I know that the universe creates in ways that are far better then that which I could have imagined possible. I shall remain constantly open and child like to the unfolding miracles and serendipity and coincidences that occur in my new found life. All this is what I have learned from this amazing course of the Master Key Experience and the super human approach of someone like Wilma epitomizes the essence of this approach to life at its highest level.

Thank you, Wilma.

Thank you, Mark J.

Thank you, Davene.



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