MKE Week 22 – The Warrior


When one faces the monster within, one engages the battle of the Spiritual Warrior. So begins the inner journey which alters all the outward reflections and choices and actions. The truth is brought forth from within.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt. I would further that statement by saying that fear is created within our own self, and when we give it attention it grows, and yet we now know that negativity has no vitality – unless we feed it with our attention and angst (that is what allows fear and its accomplices to flourish). Fear does not exist whenever I am focused on who I be and where I’m going. In those moments, I am fully involved with the positive. Everybody knows that the positive has its own vitality.

Positivity allows us to grow into and become who we truly be and to move into our authentic selves.The entire universe is bathed in this positive charge. This positive charge is full potential. Silently awaiting the spark of an idea, which lights one’s heart afire, which then grows into enlivened thought, then it gathers momentum, enough momentum to act upon one’s wildest dreams until they appear in outward realization. Laser sharp focus, gratitude, persistence, enthusiasm, attention to what is good for the whole; all this perpetuates good.

The gift of giving is a hoop, the more I give, the more the Universe gifts back to me; in overflowing abundance. When I give to you from my heart, it is guaranteed to flow right back to me. I’ve realized that in giving to the Universal flow, it allows the water of life to ripple, burble and flow in myriad circles and those connecting circles flow lovingly back to me. Along the way I touch other’s lives and they touch mine. In that touching of lives goodness is exchanged. One is able to discover more deeply the gift of love through these exchanges. We are here to share our life with others. Together we entwine our fibers of life to create a rich tapestry, woven of our mingled life experiences. Love. That is why I’m here. That’s why you’re here. Hmmm, one of the many meanings of this beautiful thing we call Life!”

The Wheel of Life is a beautiful thing.



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