MKE Week 21 – God’s Greatest Miracle


I found this poem by Don Iannone and it frames the beginning of my new adventure rather nicely.

Heroes in Our Own Life Stories
by Don Iannone

Heroes, all of us, in our own life stories
Travelers, you and me
A journey, each day to find ourselves
A lifetime to discover what we’ve lost

Reluctant at times
to accept the challenge–
we are to ourselves
or the challenge nonexistent places pose

Lost at times, all of us
Both within and outside ourselves
Adversity, around each corner
Our biggest monsters always within

Romance, laced between footsteps
Too often in love with ourselves, and
forever in love with whatever we seek
Wedded we are, to the myth bringing us here

Lost arks, holy grails, new lands discovered
Apparent destinations, the journey’s end
But even reaching the end–no end in sight
Heroes we become, only when we go beyond

Eventually comes the morning, we awaken
Like the sun, we shine, and
finally see what we’ve lost
Only then, can we go home

Inspired by Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung
and my teacher Jonathan Young

Claes: Thanks for sharing Your thoughts and this beautiful poem! Peace, Claes

Me: I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read the poem. I discovered Don Iannone’s poem while searching hero’s journey on the web. I like the idea of the web… in that we are all connected through this web, the fibers of life, these fibers make up the rich tapestry which we are all a part of weaving. Thanks Cales.

Read the full article,

From this poem it leads me quite nicely into Week 21 where we are studying that true power lies in our consciousness of power. Awareness holds incredible might … and practice of being conscious of power allows me to become proficient and with proficiency I become harmonious with the Universal Mind that is Omnipresent, this harmony  with all that is gifts me the opportunity to be in the flow and immersion of the Universal Mind and being in that flow all things are possible. Ask and you shall receive  a thousand fold. I am the creator of my destiny with the deep connection to the Omnipotence of the Universe … this connection supports and enlivens my choices and places me in direct line of the pure power and majesty of creation. So my consciousness of power is there for me to tap into at will. In that we are all one then we each have this amazing source conection as well.

In the midst of chaos this week I have found peace in my core. The stillness and silence pervades my being and infuses all that I be, do, think and act. The best part about all of this is that my ease and grace becomes the air that I breath and my family, my partner and my children begin to follow the flow of inner knowingness and discover their own power, become conscious of their power and the ripple effect goes on with out end. Such a wonderful discovery! Now I more fully understand that I am God’s Greatest Miracle! So too arte thou, my dear reader … so too arte thou.


8 thoughts on “MKE Week 21 – God’s Greatest Miracle

    1. I agree Nancy, the monster within is the battle of the Spiritual Warrior. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt. I would further that statement by saying that fear is created within our own self, and when we give it attention it grows, and yet we now know that negativity has no vitality – unless we feed it with our attention and angst ( that is what allows fear and its accomplices to flourish). So I have reasoned fear does not exist when I am focused on who I be and where I’m going, because in those moments I am fully involved with the positive. And we now know that the positive has its own vitality and that positivity allows us to grow into and become who we truly be and to move into our authentic selves.

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    1. Thank you Lori. Now in this Peace I discover there is such deep work to continue evolving … the challenges are more poignant and incredibly as those challenges resolve the very air and space that surrounds is blessed and becomes holy.


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